After 14 years on Cuba St, Flesh Wound will Cease To Exit in Wellington..

Hamish and His family are relocating to a lifestyle block in the Far North in January 2011.

Looking forward to Breeding Highland Cattle, Kunekune Pigs, Creating Large Elemental Sculptures, in the form ov Scarecrows, Totem Poles and Whale Tails.

In the Summer ov 2011 Hamish will take Flesh Wound on the road in a Mobile Piercing Ambulance, travelling around the west and east coast ov the Winterless Far North.

Hamish / Flesh Wound wish the best, to the thousands ov you that have trusted us with your body mods, and the many friends we made over the years.

Thank You All & Keep Safe.

Stay Tuned for Updates and news on the occasional trip back to the Summer-less Wellington.

Need new piercings or advice, go to Ninja Flower on Willis St and talk with Scott, I highly recommend him.

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