Flesh Wound now at Imperial INC NZ, 168 Taita Drive, Avalon, Lower Hutt, has a world-wide reputation due to it’s exceptional standard of hygiene, professional technique, and knowledge.

Original Flesh Wound logo by Trevor Brown (1995)

Original Flesh Wound logo by Trevor Brown (1995)

The only studio in the lower-North Island that provides the arts of Piercing, Stretching, Cutting, Branding, Hook Suspensions, and Live Theatre Piercings.

  • Piercings are Needle Applied.
  • Fine Line Branding is done via Medical Cautery Unit.
  • Cuttings are done via Scalpel
  • Hangings are Hooked Up.

Flesh Wound during the 2000s

Flesh Wound was founded by Hamish Robertson Halley in 1995 at Manakau Village, Horowhenua.

Hamish has the kind of reputation sought by many, but earned by few. Passionate about piercing & body modification since a young age Hamish boasts 30+ years of industry experience. This shows as he puts jewellery & more into his faithful clientèle – who return time & time again.

Flesh Wound / Intensive Care - Circa 2010

Flesh Wound / Intensive Care – Circa 2010

Flesh Wound has been a Wellington landmark since relocating from the Horowhenua to Cuba Street, Wellington, in August of 1996.

While located in the bohemian paradise of Cuba Street owner Hamish has seen many businesses around him come and go. Even Flesh Wound closed from 2011 until 2015, but it wasn’t to be forever.

Flesh Wound reopened in its original location on June 23rd 2015, and has been busy since. Hamish’s infallible work ethic and professionalism has kept Flesh Wound alive, with Hamish piercing clients new and old. Clients coming from all walks of life and all ages from 5 to 85.

The Flesh Wound Crew – Past & Present

Hamish Robertson Halley – Owner & Operator

Nic Fletcher joined Flesh Wound as a trainee in 1997. In 1999 moving on to open his own exceptional studio “The Seventh Circle” in Christchurch. Later piercing at “Illicit HQ” in Auckland. He is now working in the Photography Industry and has a guest spot at Sunset Tattoo in Auckland Central.

Fraser Mcleod entered as The Big Guy on the counter in 1999 and retired as a self described “Counter Slut” October 2000.

Andi/Andrea Thompson brought the Pierced Glamour Puss to Flesh Wound Oct 2000 as a trainee until September 2002.

Jessica aka Sideshow hit the stage with her many and varied skills from August through till November 2002 as Flesh Wound’s guest artist from the USA.

Chris Allcock worked at the counter from December 2002 to the end of Dec 2003 to pursue Varsity Studies.


Original “Flesh Wound Baby Doll” logo & animation by Trevor Brown.

Pauline Lind aka Polly (Potter) was one of the Counter Girls who would dictate whilst pointing and waving her finger at you when going over the aftercare procedure.

Natalie, with a Phd in Marine Biology was behind the Counter three days a week and was always happy to answer any questions and give informed after care procedures. She is now teaching jewellery making.

Timb (as in Limb, Lamb, and Climb) was Hamish’s next apprentice from December 2004 until December 2006. He was quick to learn and adapt to new techniques. His caring and thorough ability to work under pressure was an asset he has taken with him to Melbourne, where he pierced at Third Eye tattoo Studio. Timb then moved onto being a Paramedic.

Jimbo was the Cockney Voice at Flesh Wound. At the time he had 6 years of piercing experience, starting in his home town of London. Jimbo is exceptionally well versed in piercing and healing procedures, his London charm easily instilled confidence in the most nervous piercee. Jimbo has since relocated back to England.

Simon K moved from Auckland in mid 2009 to hone up his skills at Flesh Wound. He had 2 years of experience in the basic range of piercing’s. While he was a fast learner, Simon moved back to Auckland later that year.

William Robinson is the newest addition to the Flesh Wound team. He started working the shop counter in 2017 after numerous piercings performed by Hamish. The baby of the family, he is learning skills and slowly training up.