Live Aktions

Flesh Wound / In The Flesh have being doing live actions since 1997. The premier show was performed at the fetish event “Unleashed” at Club 2000 in Wellington 1997. Subsequent actions have been held at Goth, Fetish and Fashion Events.

Gimp StabThe cast involved in each action tends to vary from 1 – 6 performers, with Hamish always being the Protagonist for every show.

Until recently billed as “Flesh Wound Live Piercing” was sometimes incorrect when certain show had no piercing at all, but cuttings or simulated amputations. Most shows involved some form of “Black Humour”.

Flesh Wound had a Hard Core Crew, working under the title of “In Thee Flesh”.

Dog Boy, Clowny Clown and MarshmallowsIn Thee Flesh can be commissioned for events ranging from Music, Fashion, Fetish, and Corporate events. Charges start from $450 plus gst. We will work within certain time frames and content can vary from titillating to very graphic, bloodless or bloody.

Hygiene is important and all precautions and clean up will be our responsibility.

For further information regarding booking / rates of an “In Thee Flesh Action” Contact Hamish via email at

Selected Live Actions – Flesh Wound:

  • Puppet Pierce – Unleashed 1997
  • Gimp Stab – Darkness Gathering 1998
  • Hungry for Pain – Strictly Fetish 1999
  • Premature Miscarriage – Strictly Fetish 3 2000
  • Fallen Angel – The Drill 2001
  • Hook Line and Wrapper – Darkness Gathering 2001
  • Rings Ov Fire – Crash Course 2002
  • Steel My Soul – Private Party 2003
  • Twice is Not Enough – Private Party 2003
  • A Lesson in Pain Management – The Drill 2004
  • Dog Boy, Clowny Clown and Marshmallows – Bad Luck Ball 2004
  • Cut From The Same Cloth – Freak the Sideshow 2004
  • Suicide Swing Suspension & Fisticuffs – Genitorturer’s Live Show 2006

Selected Live Actions – In Thee Flesh:

  • Definitive Pricks – Midnight Burlesque 2004
  • Swing Slam Tug n Thrust – Fetish Ball Wellington 2008

Puppet Pierce